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PMC cor Integrated Amplifier

PMC cor Integrated Amplifier

The cor integrated is an amplifier that adds no sonic character of its own to the music. It follows exactly the same design ethos for high resolution playback as used in the creation of all PMC’s loudspeakers, namely musicality, transparency and neutrality, where nothing is added and nothing is taken away. The role of the amplifier, like the company’s speakers, is to reproduce the music exactly as it is meant to be heard.
Designed and hand-built by PMC in the UK, the cor - the dictionary definition of which is: (anatomy) heart; (figuratively) soul, mind - is an integrated amplifier that works entirely in the analogue domain.

Every element of the cor has been developed with purity of sound at the top of the criteria list. The four unbalanced RCA analogue inputs are joined by one pair of balanced XLR inputs and a set of direct inputs that connect straight to the power amplifier. The cor integrated does not feature any digital inputs and is unashamedly an analogue amplifier for the purist.
All the components were specified without compromise after extensive listening tests, including the black PCBs and the volume control, which, together with the tone and balance faders, are motorised using the finest technology from professional mixing consoles, and are remote controllable. This provides flexibility to achieve the perfect sound on every track, without moving from your armchair.


Inputs: 4x RCA Single Ended Paar, 1x Balanced XLR Paar
Outputs: 1x RCA Single Ended Pairs (Preamp Out), Speaker Terminals, ¼” Headphone Jack
incl. full metal remote

Dimensions (WxHxD): 43.5 x 9 x 40 cm
Weight: 12 kg

Price: CHF 6'995.00 (incl. 7.7% VAT)

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