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About Us

At Artizan Audio we are passionate about music and high-end audio components and we have spent countless hours with listening to music intensively during the last 35 years. 

That is the reason why we do not carry mass-produced components, but only a few select brands that embody high-end audio at its best.  

We are the Swiss general importer and distributor of Boulder Amplifier (USA) and Franc Audio Accessories (PL ). 

As a specialist retailer we also carry high-end audio components from renowned manufacturers such as PMC Speakers, Siltech Cables and Weiss Engineering. 

We are very happy to advise you without any obligation on all your questions relating to your music enjoyment and your wishes are our focus.  

Our products are available for you to audition in a relaxed manner in our showroom. Alternatively, we can also arrange for some products to be tested in the comfort of your own home. 

So go ahead and make the first step on the way to finding your high-end audio dream today!

To book your personal appointment please contact us: