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SILTECH - Award-winning High-End Cables for the Perfect Connection

International Audio Holding, the company behind Siltech Cable, is located in the Netherlands. Siltech’s story began over three decades ago in the small Dutch city of Elst, near Arnhem. 

The name Siltech comes from «Silver Technology». Edwin Rijnveld, electrical engineer by profession and music lover at heart, took over the company in the mid-1990s and made Siltech into the pioneering cable brand as we all know it today. 

Siltech’s engineers are continually redefining the standards of high-end cables. They never stop experimenting, learning and developing to bring even better products to market time and time again.

Whether it is interconnect cables, speaker cables, phono cables, USB cables, network cables or power cords you are looking for, Siltech always has the perfect solution.

For more information please visit: www.siltechcables.com