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Purveyors of fine High-End Audio


Welcome to Artizan Audio!  

We are your specialists for high quality high-end audio which leaves nothing to be desired for. 

The brands we carry were chosen with care and they are what we consider to be some of the finest high-end audio products the world has to offer for your listening pleasure. 

We add the personal touch to purchasing your next audio system by consulting you on a no obligation individual appointment only basis. 

Why not treat your ears and let us help finding the perfect high-end audio solution for you? 

Don’t hesitate any longer, take the first step on the way to fulfill your audio dreams! 

Contact us and book your personal appointment in our showroom today. 

Phone:  +41 (0)79 249 35 12

Email:    info@artizan.audio

Artizan Audio Show Room
Artizan Audio Show Room

Come and visit us in the village of Witterswil (SO), spend some quality time listening to beautiful music of your choice and discovering high-end audio components in a very relaxed and homely atmosphere.

We are easy going and flexible, we have no fixed opening hours and appointments for demo-sessions are available 7 days a week.