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SILTECH Explorer Series

Allowing more music lovers to explore higher audio performance

By combining Siltech’s proprietary technology, know-how and experience with exacting constructional standards and innovative dielectric materials, the cables in the Explorer series offer remarkable performance for the price.

While Siltech normally produces cables that have silver in the conductors, the cables in the Explorer series have conductors made of copper- but not just any copper. Extensive research has allowed Siltech to eliminate the microscopic contaminants that don’t just limit the performance of conventional copper conductors but erode it over time.

Siltech’s high-purity, 6N monocrystal copper conductors offer both measurably superior conductivity and longevity. By combining this revolutionary metallurgy with their proven, self-shielding, low-loss construction and unique, twin-layer Kapton-Teflon insulation, Siltech ensure superb protection from mechanical, RF and EM interference. The Explorer series cables deliver genuine Siltech quality and performance at an attractive price.

Explorer Series - Overview

SILTECH Explorer 90i - XLR / RCA

SILTECH Explorer  90 L - Banana / Spades

SILTECH Explorer 180i - RCA

SILTECH Explorer  180 L - Banana / Spades